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School Banking Program – Isiseko Day Care

  • March 30, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those families who support our School Banking Program.  We currently have more than 250 students who participate in the School Banking Program at GCC.

A reminder that our School Banking Day is a WEDNESDAY.

If a student has earned 10 or more banking tokens from GCC School Banking Deposits, they can redeem these tokens for a reward.  In order to redeem a reward, please complete the reward coupon (please ensure the reward is applicable for this term) and send it in (don’t forget to include your 10 tokens) with your banking deposit on a Wednesday. We order these rewards from Commonwealth Bank and they take at least a week to be delivered.  As soon as we receive the rewards, we will pass them on to the students.

We also received the following update from James Fernie of Uthando regarding the progress of Isiseko Day Care Centre Construction (where GCC very kindly donated the proceeds earned during 2014 School Banking Program to):

Dear Friends

Greetings from Cape Town.School banking project (2) School banking project (1)

I am very happy to report that building at Isiseko is surging ahead. The foundations were laid, and now the walls are going up. Next week the slab will be laid, so that the 2nd story can start being built. There is much relief that Mama Zoliswa and all the children will have a decent building before the next winter rains.

I am quite confident that Isiseko will in fact be a flagship day care centre in the whole community of Mfuleni, something to which other day care centres can aspire to.

Thank you for all being part of this initiative.

Love James





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