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Saying goodbye

  • June 24, 2021

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye

This week we are saying goodbye to four staff members who will be sadly missed. We can advertise their positions but as people, they cannot be replaced. Each one leaves their own legacy of lives they have touched, students they have inspired and colleagues who have become good friends. I hope you will join me in wishing these people well in their next adventure.

Robyn Buchanan 

Robyn has been with us ten years to a day, mostly working as one of the Teaching Assistant team members in Lower Primary. Robyn is retiring and looking forward to immersing herself in gardening and more time with her grandchildren. We will miss her bright smiles and cheerful personality. We took the opportunity at Robyn’s farewell to present here with her 10-year certificate.

Fiona Cran

This is the end of Fiona’s second season with us, the first many years ago as a Teaching Assistant. Of course, Fiona is more well known as the Head of our team of College Pastors and has been doing that for six and a half years. Fiona’s input into the lives of our students over these years cannot be measured through her Chapel messages and the relationships she has forged with students through bible studies, camps and just hanging out. Fiona is leaving us to spend more time with her family and grandchildren. As Fiona put it, “I’m the only one who can be their mum and grandmother so that is where I will be devoting my time.”

Stacey Marshall

Stacey has been with us for almost ten years and will be taking up a new job at another school at the beginning of Term 3. Stacey has been the Head of Arts in the Middle and Senior School and has provided wonderful leadership and passion in the Arts at the College, in particular Dance which has yielded fantastic results both in competition and personally for students. Stacey has also been the director of many College musicals which are treasured times for those involved along with her coordination of our Arts celebration known as Shine. She was also the driving force behind our Drama and Dance Academy that takes place after school. 

School holidays

I hope you have some time with your families over these holidays to enjoy the great outdoors during Queensland’s crisp winter. It’s the perfect time for energetic activities and exploring our beautiful environment. 

Although students have three weeks off school the staff will be back on Monday 12 July for professional development and preparing to welcome all students back on Monday 19 July. See you then.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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