Salaka Drumming Workshop - Glasshouse Christian College

Salaka Drumming Workshop

  • May 8, 2013
Last week, three men from the Salaka drum ensemble in Ghana entertained and taught students from Year 3-10 drumming techniques and instruments from Africa. All the students had a wonderful time playing the drums, singing, dancing and particularly enjoyed watching the teachers dance on stage.

“I liked when the ground moved and when Mrs Wynn went up to dance. The man did a back flip, we sang happy birthday, we drummed and we then we got to go up and dance.” Coby Schmeichel

“Learning about all the amazing drums, culture and languages was fun. They were wearing very bright and patchy clothes that made you happy. People went up and danced so did teachers. Mrs Kombanie had funky dance moves and we played bongo drums.” – Isabel Holly.

“On Wednesday, some drummers came from Africa to do a drumming workshop with the grade 7-10 music students. They taught us the African way to drum, as well as some of the different instruments in Africa. All three of the men were amazing drummers and they drummed amazing songs for us. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. One of my favourite parts was when the teachers got up and danced!” – Holly Dodwell

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