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Run Around Australia Has Begun!

  • March 18, 2015

We are off and running in the 2015 Run Around Australia Challenge! All Primary students from Prep through to the Year 6 classes will be running for ten minutes four times each week to try to become the Run Around Australia Champions.

The Challenge is designed to improve the fitness and wellbeing of all our primary students in preparation for the College Cross Country early in Term 2. Students run around a 300m track and laps are recorded for individual totals as well as a combined class total. The results are then scaled according to age and the class to complete the distance around Australia first is crowned Run Around Australia Champions. There is a Junior competition (Prep – Year 2) and a Senior competition (Year 3 – Year 6) and gold, silver and bronze individual awards can also be achieved.

Children are very keen to do their best for their class and I am sure we will see their fitness improve quickly. There may be a few sore legs to begin with but as muscles get stronger and used to running children will soon find the run much easier.

Class weekly progress will be shown on a large map hung in the Senior Undercover if you would like to check it out with your child. We look forward to an exciting race!

Wendy Stott

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