Education Perfect Mathematics Championships - Glasshouse Christian College

Education Perfect Mathematics Championships

  • August 20, 2014

Results of the Education Perfect Mathematics Championships held from 28 July to 7 August

Congratulations to all secondary Maths students who participated in the recent Mathematics competition run by Education Perfect. There were over 60,000 questions answered and GCCC placed 2nd in Queensland out of 12 schools of similar size. The following achievements are worthy of praise.
• 16th overall globally (out of 806 schools)
• 11th overall in Australia (out of 586 schools)
• 4th overall in the 501-1000 students category (out of 144 schools)
• 7th overall in QLD (out of 105 schools)
• 4th in Australia for the 501-1000 students category (out of 116 schools)


Gold Award Jesse Woods
Gold Award Nathan Schafer
Gold Award Vanita Mens
Gold Award Casey Woods

Silver Award Daniel Greasley
Silver Award Sarah Mens

Bronze Award Larissa Stead
Bronze Award Shaelee Burton
Bronze Award Thayne Anderson
Bronze Award Georgia Chapman
Bronze Award Jake Sandes
Bronze Award Alex Harwood
Bronze Award Olivia Logar

Credit Award Zane Williams
Credit Award Joshua Coumi
Credit Award Kacey Dickens
Credit Award Joseph Oxenham
Credit Award Emily Logar 550
Credit Award Josh Bull 510
Credit Award Sophie Kossen 502

Well done to Daniel Greasley for winning an iPod Shuffle 2GB (complements of Education Perfect) in the draw that took place immediately after the competition. Below is a picture of Mr Havenga handing over the prize to Daniel at Middle School Assembly.

Maths iPod Shuffle winner

Once again, an excellent effort from everyone and congratulations to the award recipients.

Mr Gary Havenga, Head of Maths

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