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Regional Cross Country

  • June 10, 2015

A record 10 primary students competed at the Regional Cross Country Championships held in Buderim as part of the Glasshouse District team.The competition is always very tough at this level and this year was no exception. The highest place getter was Rick Kombanie in the 13 year boys’ race where he placed 8th which was a fantastic effort. He ran a well judged race and worked his way through the field which was smaller than usual.Cassidy Ferris and Jacob Broderick were the highest placed Primary students both finishing in 13th place. Jacob, Declan and Nik had a real battle against each other in their race, with Nik leading early but Jacob came through to beat Declan and finished in 13th place with Declan in 17th place.

Cassidy started in the middle of the field trying not to get tripped as happened last year. She consistently passed runners to gain her 13th place. All other students ran their very best and finished near the middle of the fields.Lilli-Jean Cruise – 24th, Jack Lecky – 28th, Daemon Cruise – 27th, Cassidy Ferris – 13th, Lanier Grieve – 26th, Isobel Holley – 51st, Jacob Broderick – 13th, Declan Martin – 17th, Nik Webb – 51st. Amity Roser did not compete. Secondary students Rick Kombanie – 8th and Nicola Bates – 10th.

Wendy Stott

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