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R2D2 Collective – Do you have any of these items?

  • July 24, 2019

The Year 1 and 2 classes are embarking on a new, unique initiative called R2D2 this semester, where we will have collaborative, creative learning in exciting ways. R2D2 stands for Ready 2 Discover Together.

As part of this venture, we are seeking some items. Read on and if you have any of these items you would be willing to send along for us to have and use well, please contact Miss Leetice Evans in Year 2 or Mrs Lin Smith in Year 1. We are in N Block.

Thanks in advance for your support! 

We seek:

  • old fashioned toys and games 
  • small clothes approx sizes 6-10 for dress-ups from previous eras eg Granny’s childhood top or skirt; Pop’s childhood button-up shirt
  • dress-up accessories to support clothes from the past
  • low train table or change table on wheels
  • small boxes (no larger than cereal boxes) and cardboard tubes
  • collage items such as ribbons, lace, buttons etc

The R2D2 Collective

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