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QLD Parliament Visit Year 6

  • March 13, 2013
On Monday 4 March 2013, Year 6 went to the State Parliament House and the Botanical Gardens. My class, 6M, went to the Botanical Gardens while 6G went on the tour first.  My class sat in the garden to have a snack. The scenery was beautiful and that’s why after our snack we were allowed to look around. There were water fountains, lizards, extraordinary animals and finally, there were beautiful, beautiful gardens.
Next, we went to State Parliament House,. A lovely tour guide came to greet us and led us inside where we all sat down in front of a slide show screen. Mr Costin came to some people and said, “We were going to do a play with positions in government.” He gave some positions and I was the Speaker. Our guide informed us about the different roles within government through a PowerPoint display. We then went to have morning tea which was biscuits and orange juice. Afterwards, each class had a tour of the State Parliament House. It was a wonderful old building with stained glass windows and heritage furniture. We went into the Upper House room (Queensland’s Legislative Council) which is not used in Parliament in anymore. Queensland is the only state that has one House of Parliament.
After visiting the Upper House we then went into the green room. The nine people who were chosen sat in their government seats while the rest of the class sat in the back benches. We started the play acting out our roles and I think we learned a thing or two about how a bill is passed in Parliament. Students then continued the tour to where they keep the mace which was spectacular, especially with the crown on the top.
Finally we went back to the Botanical Gardens to have lunch. When we were finished we had to get a piece of paper and a pencil to sketch and shade an object. Maya and I chose this wonderful looking structure called the morning star built by Jon Barlow Hudson. We didn’t quite finish our sketch because it was a big structure.
Unfortunately that was the end of the day. We walked back to the bus and went back to school. So that is what happened on Monday 4 March 2013 when we visited the Botanical Gardens and State Parliament House.
Alexis Thomas, Year 6M





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