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Procedure for Secondary students going home ill

  • May 25, 2015

The procedure for any students who are feeling ill in class is for them to advise their teacher and then to go directly to sick bay in Main Administration. From that point, the student is assessed and the parent is often advised (if it is more than a band aid type job).  If it is necessary for the student to go home the parent is to pick them up in Main Administration and signs them out from there.

This procedure has been working very well for Primary students but there have been a few areas of ambiguity in the Secondary school which we would like to clear up.

Often when a Secondary student is ill during the day they have already contacted their parent or caregiver and arranged to go home.  In these instances, the Secondary student must advise the classroom teacher if they are being collected during class time or Secondary Reception if during a break. Then the student must report to Main Administration where they will need to be signed out by their parent or caregiver.  Students cannot be picked up from the bus shelter, outside school or any other place. They must be signed out by their parent/caregiver at Main Administration.

In instances where the Secondary student wants to make their own way home, Main Administration will ring the parent/caregiver and gain verbal permission for this to happen.

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