Principal's Address 25 October - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 25 October

  • October 24, 2013

Principal’s Address 25 October

Volunteers lunch

Volunteers are the backbone of Glasshouse Christian College and it was the College’s honour to hold a special lunch for them to celebrate their generosity, kindness and faithfulness.

The lunch was held the first week back from the holidays at the Beerwah Community Hall and it was catered by our wonderful Hospitality students and their talented leader, Miss Colleen Devitt.

Tables were decorated in blue with yellow roses and a scrumptious buffet feast was prepared followed by very decadent but delicious desserts.

Numbers were down a little on previous years and we are looking into why this may have happened because I would hate for any volunteer to miss out.

GCCC is blessed with many volunteers so there is a multi-faceted approach to ensure everyone knows that they are invited. We put the invitations right on top of the volunteer sign in register in Admin so they can’t be missed and we also deliver some to the classrooms in case someone has forgotten to sign in. Along with this we also advertise the event in the newsletter, on the calendar, our website and Facebook.

If you can think of other ways that more of our volunteers can learn about the event, I would welcome your suggestions ready for next year. Just email them to

Sports Awards’ Night

Congratulations to all of our Sports’ students and particularly the Sportsmen and Sportswomen of the year. This year that honour was awarded to Ryan Sauer and Ella Mickelson for Secondary and Amity Roser and Beau Howard for Primary. Well done guys.

Each year our students continue to improve their personal best and are making a name for themselves and our school in the district and regional scene. This year they have really left their mark in the region and are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

GCCC was honoured to have Australian cricket legend and TV commentator, Jeff Thomson as the special guest. Jeff is a former Australian right-arm fast bowler, was a Guinness World record holder and was by far the fastest bowler of his era. Jeff’s fastest delivery clocked at 160.4kmp against the West Indies.

Thank you also to all the parents who came to the event and supported their children not only on the night but the whole year through. Being a parent of a young sportsperson is a very demanding job with lots of weekend and weeknight running around.


This event is a cultural norm in the USA but seems to be getting bigger in Australia every year. As a Christian school, we do not celebrate Halloween and I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know why we don’t allow Halloween traditions.

To many, Halloween is just a time to dress up but the tradition has dark roots. It goes back to the Druid new year when the beginning of darkness (symbolically and literally i.e. UK winter) was celebrated. It was believed to be a time where the gates of hell were opened and is still a key festival for modern pagans today.  The carryover is seen in the dressing up as witches, ghosts etc. and some groups use the evening for specific anti-God purposes.

All this to one side – as a Christian school, we want to celebrate God’s power and the wonderful victory Jesus won over death and evil. We believe spiritual evil exists and is very real but God is more powerful than evil. We don’t want to celebrate an event that has such an emphasis on death, darkness and fear when Jesus Christ gives life, faith, light and hope.

I know it is difficult to go against the prevailing culture – especially when the event is often seen as harmless fun but the reality is that Halloween does touch on concerning spiritual themes.

Please do not allow your children to bring any Halloween related items to school.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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