Principal's Address 20 March 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 20 March 2015

  • March 18, 2015

Principal’s Address 20 March 2015

Change of name

Last newsletter we ‘unveiled’ the name change of the College from Glasshouse Country Christian College to Glasshouse Christian College. The response has been very favourable and I want to thank you all for the grace and eagerness you have embraced this change.

Some concerns were expressed regarding how the change will affect uniforms, etc. so I want to reiterate that the transition will be very gradual – especially with uniforms. The goal is to introduce uniforms with the new logo as the old uniforms sell out. By the time the uniforms with the new logo are fully in place, there will be hardly any (if any) old uniforms left.

We have also assessed our second hand uniform stock with the change of logo in mind and ascertained that there will be sufficient stock to see us through the transition. Therefore we will no longer be accepting second hand items for resale through the Uniform Shop. If you would like more information about this please refer to the letter I emailed out on Thursday.

New logo

We were going to wait until the beginning of next term to unveil our new logo but couldn’t wait to GCC logo_cmykshare it with you. For those of you who read the newsletter, you are privy to this early unveiling as our students won’t be viewing it until next week.

The new logo has been modernised but in a way that we feel will stand the test of time. We loved our old logo but it was difficult to identify the College because our name was too small and there were too many elements in the design. Every element of the new design has been thought through carefully.

Glasshouse Mountains: We wanted to retain our identity in the heart of the Glasshouse Mountains so have stylized the mountains to make them less busy.

Eagle: There has been a drastic change to our eagle but, if anything, it is even more prominent in the new logo than it was in the old one. When the church eleders had the vision for the College, God gave them this verse: “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31. The new logo symbolises this verse strongly by having the elements resting on the wings of the eagle.

The cross: This is a new element that we believe brings all the logo elements together visually and spiritually. The cross symbolises our motto of ‘growing in faith and knowledge’, our commitment to Biblical values and following the example of Jesus Christ. The cross is in the same colour as the College name to further strengthen the connection.

New buildings and car park

It is with great excitement that we await the final touches to be put on the new buildings so that we can move in and be ready for the start of next term.

It is probably even more exciting for most that we will be taking possession of the new Eastern car park.

There are a few items to mention about the carpark;

  • at 8.45am the entrance to the road will be closed to all traffic. This is for safety reasons and will allow students to come over to the large playground without danger. The eastern exit however will still be open. So you can leave the car park but you cannot enter after 8.45am.
  • The car park will be re-opened again at 2.30 pm every day.

We will relocate the Kiss and Go, which is currently at the very front of the school near the entrance to the new car park also.

The carparks on the entry road on the Northern side of the church (opposite where the buses usually park) will be removed to allow better traffic flow around the buses.

P and F Trivia Pursuit Night

You will be able to read more about this night and see the colourful photos in Lynelle’s article but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Lynelle, Mark and Alaina for all their hard work leading up to this event. It was a fun-filled night with enjoyment, laughter and spontaneous singing all through the evening. Thank you also to everyone who turned up to join in the merriment and support the College.

National No Bullying Day

Friday 20 March is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. During the week leading up to this day, the College has had a particular focus on the anti-bullying message.

In the classroom, teachers have been educating students about what bullying is and encouraging a zero tolerance for any form of bullying. Bullying has also been a major topic at assemblies, devotional and pastoral care times this week with the Years 3 to 6 looking at it at assembly next week.

Students have been reminded about our Care and Concern form on Connect. This is a way that bullying can be reported by students in a completely anonymous way. On Connect, go to Home/Students and Families/Handbooks and Support/Care and Concern-Student Report.

If you would like to learn more as a parent to help your child taking a stand against bullying, this is a helpful website:

I am pleased that we don’t have a major problem with bullying at GCCC but we must remain proactive and vigilant so our safe environment can continue and we can be known as the caring school that we are.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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