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Principal and Assistant Principal for a Day

  • July 23, 2014

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to be principal for a day and see how the office works and how hard Mrs Bryers works. Firstly we went to EMM (Elementary Maths Mastery) and I would point to the questions so the students didn’t get confused. Secondly Mrs Bryers and I went back to the office and sorted some problems out and I thought that was really cool. Thirdly we visited some grade one and two classes to see what they were doing  and while we were doing that I could hand stickers out if they were doing good work (which they were). Then it was lunch break and I went to referee the ½  soccer match and ate with Year one and twos. After that we went to an enrolment interview then we went over to the chapel and they introduced me to the primary school. The next activity was another enrolment interview. Last but not least I went visited Years 3 and 4 and gave out stickers.

by Tyler Atherton

This year, grade six had an opportunity to become principal for a day. We wrote an application, a paragraph on why we would like to be chosen to be principal for a day.  Lots of entries were put in. Tyler Atherton and I were chosen to be principal and deputy for the day. I was put with Mrs Mitchell and learned what her job was like. Sorting out behaviour issues, visiting classrooms and doing assembles. It was great to see what the Prep to Year 2s did this term and it was very interesting with the activities they did to help them learn words or letters including what they did at assembly. We worked on behaviour issues which were quite serious too. It’s probably too much work for me to become deputy when I was told to proof reads 450 reports! It was interesting to see what Mrs Mitchell does in her role as Assistant Head of Primary at GCCC.

by Jaimee-Lee Goudie

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