Primary Swimming Carnival - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Swimming Carnival

  • February 19, 2014

Great Mixture of Racing and Fun at Primary Swimming Carnival

Keen and excited Primary students flooded into the Beerwah Pool Complex to begin a day filled with competition and fun. Tents were enthusiastically decorated by newly named house captains who excelled in their creativity with streamers, balloons, signs and shark mascots abounding. War cries were impressive with the whole of Beerwah surely hearing them!

Students had been previously distributed into divisions so that everyone competed against children of similar ability. A division raced over 50m whilst other divisions raced over 25m with the exception of the nine year olds who raced over 25m in all strokes. Novelty races were also held to add some fun and extra swimming action for students. The dolphin and turtle riding events were a favourite event for everyone with many students just clinging on to the inflatable toy, whilst racing other teams.

The enthusiasm of students and almost 95 per cent participation rate was impressive and often students showed great courage and determination to finish the length. The cheering from fellow house team members really encouraged swimmers to do their very best to gain more valuable house points.

Three students performed exceptionally well throughout the day  winning every event they raced in. 10-year-old Caitlin Moore, 11-year-old Amity Roser and Aiden McKellar won every event in their age groups and gained the maximum points to take out Age Champion titles.  Caitlin and Amity also rewrote the records breaking four records each.  Amy Trevan also swam well and was only beaten once and gained the 9 Year Girls Age Champion title. In many age groups Age Champion titles were fiercely contested with some very close results. 10 records were broken throughout the day and support and help from parents and families was fantastic.

I hope you enjoy the photo gallery below.

There were 37 students who met qualifying standards and have been selected to swim at the Glasshouse District Swimming Trials on Friday 21 February. We are excited to enter such a talented team and look forward to some great results.

9 – 11 Years Age Champions


  9 yearsAmy TrevanXander Bryant
10 yearsCaitlin MooreSamson Coumi
11 yearsAmity RoserAiden McKellar


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