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Primary Sports Awardees

  • October 25, 2018

Primary Sports Awardees

What a great celebration of sporting talent the 2018 Sports Awards were. The 2018 Primary Sportsman and woman of the Year was once again very close. Indiah Loveday was announced Primary Sportswoman of the year after a busy year of sport. She competed at the State Swimming Championships and Regional AFL Championships as well as representing GCC in many sports over the year. Jared Moss is the Primary Sportsman of the Year for 2018. Jared competed at two state Championships, AFL and Cross Country. He also ran at the Regional Athletics Championships and represented GCC in every Interschool Sport this year. Lily Breen and Matthew Fielding were runners up to Indiah and Jared.

Most Valuable Players for each Interschool Sport team were presented with trophies and will be listed next week.

Age Champions at our Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals were also awarded trophies and will be listed next week.

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

Wendy Stott

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