Primary Performing Arts News 25 November 2016 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Performing Arts News 25 November 2016

  • November 23, 2016

Year 4 Band

What do 88 students playing instruments together sound like?

Pretty special – considering that they have only been learning their instrument of choice for 16 weeks.

Our Year 4 families were invited to hear them play this week and see just how far they’ve all come in such a short amount of time. The College Band and String Ensemble also played to encourage and inspire inclusion in these groups in 2017.

So what now for our budding musicians?

Well, they all take their instruments and music books home over the holidays to practise, maybe learn a Christmas carol or two to play on Christmas Day for their family, and come back in 2017 ready to impress us with their sound.

Primary Music Ensembles

All of our young Ensembles were recognised this week for their commitment to their group during the year with a presentation of ribbons and an ice-cream party.

One hundred and thirty primary students are involved with our choirs and instrumental groups –

Little Voices (Yr 1&2), Sing & Shout (Yr 3-6), Primary Band (Yr 4-6), and String Ensemble (Yr 4-6).

Existing and new members will be encouraged to join again in 2017.

Year 3 Smart Strings

As this edition went to print, our gorgeous Year 3 violinists were wowing the crowds with their concert performance.

Families were invited to partake in an Austrian breakfast of coffee and strudel before entering the Viennese Concert Hall (aka church) to the sight of 78 violinists in their finest regalia ready to play.

Photos will be posted on our Facebook page and Website after the event.

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