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Primary Performing Arts

  • March 30, 2015

Our Primary Ensembles have been rehearsing hard, and have finished the term with performances at Assembly.
Little Voices sang ‘J-O-Y-F-U-L’ and ‘H.A.P.P.Y’  and the Primary Band played ‘Penguin Promenade’ and ‘Playing Around’ at assemblies during Week 9.  In Week 10 the Junior Choir, now known as “Sing and Shout” sang ‘I Feeling Happy’ and the ever-growing, always enthusiastic Drama Club presented a movement piece ‘Have You Heard’ from Luke 24. This will be performed again for the whole school Easter Assembly on the last day of term.  All of these groups will have further performance opportunities in Term 2 – we will keep you posted on dates.

Rochelle Harrison

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