Primary News 26 July 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 26 July 2013

  • July 25, 2013

Primary News 26 July 2013


Welcome to another new term. The recent holiday and pupil free week have been an exciting time for the primary school.

Over the holidays, Mrs Mitchell and I spent a week in New Zealand visiting some schools and spending time with someone who had been a colleague of Mrs Mitchell’s when she was teaching in Auckland. The schools we visited are using some “cutting edge” pedagogy and we have returned with a real excitement about teaching and learning and developing interesting learning spaces in classrooms.

With the first permanent primary buildings being considered for the College we believe that we will be able to provide some exciting teaching areas with learning spaces which will support dynamic teaching and student collaboration. However changes are being made in a number of classrooms even now and students’ feedback has been very exciting. However, at the end of the day our focus will always be to improve student outcomes.


What a wonderful way to finish Term 2, with 350 Primary School grandparents here at the College, being honoured with a fabulous morning tea, a concert and then visiting classrooms to enjoy the educational activities which their grandchildren are engaged in on a daily basis.

Even rain moving from the Church to the College grounds didn’t dampen our spirits and once again the 2013 Grandparents’ Day was a wonderful success.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Miss Colleen Devitt and her Hospitality team for the amazing morning tea which they prepared, our staff who provided a plethora of opportunities for grandparents to enjoy with their precious grandchildren and of course our special family members who support our students with everything they do – our College grandparents who attended on the day!

In 2014 we will need to move the date for Grandparent’ Day two days earlier to Wednesday 18 June rather than the last day of Term 2. Miss Devitt who organizes those amazing morning teas for our grandparents has a huge job cleaning the hospitality kitchen and wrapping equipment to keep it clean throughout the holidays. It was a mammoth task on the last day of term after the Grandparents’ Day morning tea this year so we will change the date for 2014 to the Wednesday in the last week of Term 2 (25 June). Having tried a number of dates in Term 2 and Term 3, we believe we now have the perfect timing for our Glasshouse Christian College Grandparents’ Day, which can be diarized year after year.

Thank you to all our Primary grandparents who attended. The looks on our students’ faces as they showed you around the College was a “picture”. You may never realize the impact which grandparents have on children, but we see it and hear about it almost every day.

Prep Outdoor Area Touch Up

Where would we be without some of our parents? Eric and Kylie Logar kindly touched up the soft fall paint at the back of the prep classrooms once again in the last holidays. Thank you.





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