Primary News 25 October 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 25 October 2013

  • October 24, 2013

Primary News 25 October 2013

Time 2 Shine – Talent Quest

Over the past two weeks in a very low key way students have self nominated to have the opportunity in our Primary Time 2 Shine Talent Quest to show their individual or group talents during lunch time auditions.

Mrs Mitchell gave each student or group a number – just like “X Factor” or “Australia’s Got Talent” – and they lined up outside the audition classroom – just like the real thing.  A panel of judges has been assigned to be part of these auditions and judge the acts.  Many of these students we thought would never self nominate, but they have performed a variety of items including skipping routines, magic tricks, hoola hoop shows, dances, instrumental pieces and songs.

We have been thrilled to see the level of participation from Prep – Year 6 and every student who has performed has helped gain House points for Legacy Cup – simply by nominating and attending the auditions.  It has been so much fun for the judges (Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Bryers, Miss Power and Mr Brown). The finalists will be chosen and the parents will be informed so they can encourage children to refine and polish their item for public performance on Thursday and Friday of Week 4.

It has long been my belief that we have students in the Primary School with talent in many areas – including the Arts.  This Time 2 Shine Talent Quest is only the first of many which will be developed in 2014 and beyond.  Our desire is to help children recognize their strengths and develop them and we have plans to hold a more formal Talent Quest next year where children are not restricted to House Groups etc as well as provide other opportunities for our students to develop their areas of interest throughout the year.  The 2014 talent quest will be well advertised and over a longer period than this House one for the Legacy Cup.

New Staff for 2014

Many of you would be aware that there will be some changes to teaching staff in 2014.  Mr Costin in Year 6 has accepted a new position at another Christian School and Mrs King will be developing the Agricultural Science programme for the secondary classes from next year in addition to an extra teacher for the natural growth of the additional Year 3 Class.  Mr Curtis and I were involved in interviews for new teaching staff during the holidays and in Week 1 this term.  The final list of staff for 2014 will be published later this year but we are delighted with the calibre of the applicants and believe our primary staff will continue to provide strong educational outcomes for our students in 2014.  Both Mr Costin and Mrs King have contributed so much to our College and we thank them for all they have done in the lives of the children they have taught.

Thank You GCCC Volunteers

The Volunteers’ Luncheon was a great success again this year and it was wonderful to see so many of our parents present to be honoured at this meal so professionally prepared by Miss Colleen Devitt and her team of students.  Our wonderful volunteers contribute so much to the life of our College and both staff and students are very grateful for their invaluable assistance.

Guarding the Floodgates of the Eyes and Protecting Sensitive Hearts

Our children are very precious to us both at home and at school and little minds are tender and need protection. There is a plethora of information available today – computer sites, games and also on TV – which has the potential to be very damaging and affect them greatly.

Please be aware of this when your children watch current affairs programmes at night or on Sundays, news reports and other general shows where they could be impacted.

Sometimes it is not easy to check these programmes ahead of time and it may be wise to have a family discussion afterwards to debrief and make them aware of the need to be sensitive around their friends.  If however, the content is known and you feel it is not age appropriate, please make every effort to protect your children.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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