Primary News 25 July 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 25 July 2014

  • July 25, 2014

Primary News 25 July 2014

Welcome to Term 3 which promises to be another busy term starting with FUNFEST on 2 August and finishing with Parent/Teacher Interviews in the last week.  Years 3 – 6 interviews will be somewhat different this term and more information will be coming out over the next couple of months, well before the actual dates of these interviews.  We believe the new format will be very helpful for parents.

Grandparents’ Day

In the last week of Term 2 the Primary College was a hive of activity with Grandparent’s Day on the final Thursday and our Legacy Cup on Friday.

Our speaker for Grandparents’ Day was Brian Andrew author of “I Grow in Grandad’s Garden” and “The Adventures of A, B, C and D”.  His wife Moira has authored another book “I Grow in Grandma’s Garden”.  I am sure that you would have heard some wonderful feedback from your family members who attended. The children were so excited about their grandparents’ visits to their classroom and having the opportunity to show them around the College.  Teachers had prepared some exciting activities and examples of the work their students do on a day to day basis.

Brian Andrew gave an absolutely glowing report on our school which he reiterated again in an email to me last weekend (19 July) saying that it had been such a pleasure visiting GCCC’s Grandparents’ Day and was definitely one of their highlights over the past 3 ½ years since he has been speaking at many different schools.  We LOVE Grandparents Day and it continues to be one of our favourite events throughout the year. So many people worked together and attended meetings to make our 2014 Grandparents’ Day such a success.

  • Julie Peters and the Hospitality students provided a wonderful morning tea.
  • Rochelle Harrison (nee Thomas) and other staff members prepared musical and dance items for the concert and during morning tea.
  • Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Rosenberg made the transition from church to classrooms so smooth for our guests.
  • Teachers once again in 2014 embraced our grandparents, organizing learning activities some of which actually reflected what Brian had presented: “Grandparents have stories from their lives to tell and our grandchildren need to hear them.  Telling these stories from their childhood creates a wonderful bond and strengthens families”.  Interestingly, without even knowing about what the topic for Brian’s presentation was, teachers in Year 2 classes had prepared an activity to make a video clip on their iPads of their grandparents speaking about their past and how things were years ago.
  • Library staff under the leadership of Mrs Vanessa McKellar efficiently assisted Brian in the display and sales of his books and a display from Koorong also.  Brian Andrew was amazed at the incredible interest in his and Moira’s books and was delighted with the number of sales on the day.  His granddaughter Ellie who featured in his book “I Grow in Grandad’s Garden” helped with the sale of the book also.
  • Finally to you, the parents and grandparents of our students for the way you support Grandparents’ Day each year.  Your encouragement and attendance really blesses us and

It is such an enjoyable event for so many of us – particularly the children.

Legacy Cup – Challenge of the Minds (Year 3 to 6)

All Houses were ready and waiting for the Year 5/6 and later Year 3/4 Challenge of the Minds on the last day of Term 2.  Teams had been organized for Zion, Sinai and Ararat and they sat around their tables on the stage ready to answer each category of general knowledge questions which had been prepared by Mrs Mitchell.  I had the privilege of being the Quiz Master.  There were iPad buzzers, scorers, judges to determine who pressed the buzzer first, and students who were ready to do their house war cries to lift off the roof of the church.

The results for Year 3 – 6 and Prep – Year 2 will be added to Middle School and Senior School to determine the Winning House for Term 2’s Legacy Cup.  At this stage we have the primary results:

Years 3 – 6        –                      1ST               ZION                   2ND               SINAI                   3RD               ARARAT

Prep – Year 2    –                       1ST               SINAI                   2ND               ATARAT                3RD               ZION

To read Lesley-Ann Rosenberg’s article on the Prep to Year 2 Legacy Cup click here.


Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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