Primary News 15 May 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 15 May 2015

  • May 13, 2015

Primary News 15 May 2015

The highlight of the past two weeks has definitely been the culmination of class Run Around Australia practices – our GCC House Cross Country competitions. It was so wonderful to have so many parents and friends at the Primary and Prep – Year 2 (including 8 year olds) competitions last week. Your presence at these events sends such a strong message to your children – that you are interested in every aspect of their school life. The tents were so well decorated in House colours and I noticed on Friday that Zion had their war cry on not ONE but TWO banners! How enterprising is that! I’m yet to establish who made them, but I must say “Well done!”

I am always thrilled to see students who may not win the Cross Country for their age group, but complete the course, actually win a race position prize because of where they finish. It’s wonderful to see the joy on students’ faces when their position (10th etc) wins the prize. We never know till the end which places are the special ones. This helps students realize that every team member has value – whether they are a world beater or they just do their best and finish the course to help with team points.

Open Day Saturday 16 May 10.00 – 2.00 pmOpen Day DL Flyer_Page_1 for Facebook

We are expecting our 2015 Open Day to be bigger and better than ever. Thank you to everyone who is supporting the student performances by organising  to have children available at the specific times for the various items. Classrooms will be a blaze of colour and displays and this will be a wonderful opportunity to come with your children and see some of the exciting work they have been doing this year. Open Day is such an important event in our College calendar and there will be so much for families to experience. Please feel free to come and bring family and neighbours who may be interested in what is happening on a daily basis at our school from Prep to Year 12. Even if you can only bring your children for an hour or so, I am sure you will be impressed by what is happening on the day.

Don’t forget to go to the Secondary College and get a “feel” for what Years 7 – 12 have to offer in terms of subjects and facilities. You’ll be surprised! This will be a great opportunity to visit the new Year 1 rooms and enjoy the cutting edge classroom design. Many parents have been asking about the dirt area beside the current Year 1 class area. Year 2 classrooms will be built there this year ready for 2016.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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