Primary Interschool Softball - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Interschool Softball

  • March 18, 2015

This year Glasshouse Interschool Sport is contested between Year 5 and 6 students from schools in the Glasshouse District. Teams compete on Friday afternoons for three weeks and skills and game play certainly improve over each week.

We have four teams playing softball this term. Week 1 was very tough for us with most teams playing strong teams from St Michaels, Elimbah and Peachester. We finished week one with seven losses and one draw. After much practise during the two weeks between competitions, our teams experiences great success on Week 2 of the competition. We scored seven wins and only one loss.

The A Girls and Boys teams scored two big wins each against Glasshouse and Beerwah teams. The B Boys easily beat Glasshouse but had a very exciting and close game against Elimbah. The game was won by great pitching and an awesome catch by Daemon Cruise just at a strategic moment. Chappy Dan manages this team and was very impressed with the boys determination and ability to dig deep when it was needed. The B Girls team had a win and a loss, beating Glasshouse 10 – 6 and narrowly losing to St Michaels 7 – 10 in an exciting game.

In Week 10 the last round robin games will be played and then each team will play finals to determine placings in the competition. Students have all improved their skills and learned a lot about softball, enjoying each training session and game day very much.

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