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Prep to Year 2 Cross Country

  • May 20, 2021

Prep to Year 2 Cross Country

More than 250 students made their way through the crowds of cheering parents to participate in the Cross Country event. There were sections of the track that were muddy and slippery which I am sure the students tried to run through. 

The atmosphere for the carnival was booming with excitement. Students did an amazing job chanting their war cries and encouraging their school friends along. It was a refreshing feel to have parents back cheering and at the carnival following on from the restrictions of last year.  

After the scores were totalled up Ararat came in 1st, Sinai came in 2nd and Zion came in 3rd.

The results of races are as follows: 

Prep Girls 

  1. Lilly Stuart 
  2. Kassidy Burns 
  3. Alexis Smith 

Prep Boys 

  1. Ziyah Trustcott 
  2. Danny Sharma + Fletcher Hansen
  3. Lachlan De-wit 

Year 1 Girls

  1. Peytence Formby
  2. Charlotte Morris
  3. Mia Curtin 

Year 1 Boys

  1. Kaelen Kaara 
  2. Zach Stevens 
  3. Cooper Brown 

Year 2 Girls 

  1. Karla Sahic 
  2. Imogen Collins 
  3. Ava Smith 

Year 2 Boys 

  1. Ethan Doyle 
  2. Brax Lindsay 
  3. Dylan Townsend

Josh Bennett

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