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Prep to Year 2 Big Thinkers Legacy Cup Challenge

  • July 23, 2014

Whilst the rest of the school were battling out in their Challenge of the Minds contests the Prep to Year 2 students were on their own quest to establish which house would shine in our Big Thinkers Legacy Cup Challenge.

In each class on the last day of Term 2, the children were given a fun quiz of Maths, English and General Knowledge questions to establish individual class house winners and then an overall house winner for Prep to Year 2. The questions ranged from topics the students had studied right back at the beginning of the year, problem solving in small groups, to fun memories of the excursions they had participated in throughout the semester.

The overall winning house for Prep to Year 2 was Sinai followed by Ararat and then Zion but just to see how you would fair in this challenge give this one a go……Year 2 Fun Fact Question No.6 – Which Year 2 teacher drives the coolest car to school? The prizes for being able to answer such questions were: points for your house, a cheer from the coolest teacher and a tiny golden trophy!

Lesley-Ann Rosenberg

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