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Prep Mothers’ Night

  • May 13, 2015

God gave our children in Prep such special mums. We wanted to have them know how much they are appreciated, so what better way than to have a night of fun in Prep together in our classrooms.  We all enjoyed playing, dancing, singing, crafting and a delicious supper with awesome mums. We wanted them to relish some one-on-one time with their child as we showcased some of the fun we have as we learn.

The evening began with games and activities and the making of a sparkly crown or necklace for mum to wear.  All crowns were uniquely decorated to ensure the mums were suitably adorned for such a special occasion!  We danced, sang some songs together and generally had lots of fun enjoying Prep activities with our favourite ladies.

Thank you to all who could attend.  We had such a great time, and a delicious supper was served in the new Outside Learning Area! God bless mums!

 Lin Smith


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