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Premier’s Reading Challenge

  • November 3, 2022

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2022 Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC). A round of applause to Mrs. Eskdale and 1M for having the highest number of participants and Mrs. Andrews and 4G who followed closely behind.

Thank you to the families and staff that supported the students as they completed the challenge. The PRC helps to develop a love of reading and improve students’ literacy skills. Reading builds students’ vocabulary and knowledge, supports their confidence and stimulates creativity and imagination. 

The challenge continues to grow from strength to strength, and in 2022 more than 950 schools and 340 early childhood centres participated, totalling more than 2.39 million books read. This week, as part of the PRC Celebration Weeks held from 31 October to 11 November 2022, students received certificates to recognise their reading achievements. For students who participated but did not complete the PRC the certification of participation is available for download form the PRC website at

Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services

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