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  • November 6, 2013

Many students have used their gifts, talents and passions to do incredible things this year. It has been very exciting as a Youth Pastor to see our Christian students in particular stand up for their faith and use their time and energy to serve the Lord.
This term saw the inception of a student organised prayer group led by Stephen Greasley. Here is a quick note from Steve about the meetings:

“Recently a prayer group has been started up.  We meet in the RTC every Wednesday and Friday morning at 8am and go till school starts.  The group was put together by senior students and is supported by the chaplains.  It was formed to create one big family where the Christians can come and be together and strengthen each other.  When something comes up personal or something that involves everyone we pray about it and put it to God to take over.  The main purpose of the group though is to spread the word of God through the rest of school by raising people up in their faith so they are not scared to share it with others.”


The prayer meetings are starting to gain momentum and we are all excited to see answers to prayer as God works in our school.  It is a great encouragement when students care enough about their school, families, friends and their community to take time out, get together and pray.

Please encourage our young people as they step out into new areas, using their time and talents to help others and serve the Lord.


Mick Spann, Youth Pastor GCBC 

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