Pizza party in Primary French - Glasshouse Christian College

Pizza party in Primary French

  • June 2, 2021

Pizza party in Primary French

Some of our Primary French students had a lovely time last Tuesday enjoying a yummy pizza party and each other’s company as they celebrated their big win during last Term’s Education Perfect Worldwide Championships.

Many of the students worked long hours improving and practicing their French during the 7-day French Language championships and earned many points for GCC ensuring a strong 3rd place win for our college in Queensland. These students received certificates which range from 500 points credit, 1000 points bronze, 2,000 silver, 3,000 Gold, and 5,000 Emerald.

We are very proud of all our students’ awesome achievements and give a very big shout out to Micah from 5W for earning the highest points this year for our College and obtaining his 1st Emerald certificate during the Championships. What a talented team of students we have at GCC! 

Madame Hammill

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