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Performing Arts linked to student success

  • September 7, 2017

Performing Arts linked to student success

Did you know that students who participate in dance, drama, music and visual arts have much better academic outcomes and enjoy a higher personal wellbeing? Students involved in Performing Arts are more highly motivated, meet deadlines, enjoy good self-esteem and have a much higher rate of life satisfaction.

If our Shine on the Arts night was anything to go by, our students are on track for great academic outcomes and rich, fulfilling lives!

Shine was a brilliant success! The weather was perfect, our talented students shone and our dedicated staff and helpers worked together to create a stunning event. The campus looked beautiful and as darkness descended the illuminated artwork took on a life of its own.

One thing stood out to me from the night and that was the exceptionally high quality of the performances and artwork. Our students are really excelling in all the Arts at GCC and their talent amazed all who attended the event.

The Library was abuzz all night with visitors enjoying creative works of art in all sorts of mediums. The art spread outside the doors with sticky tape sculptures, recycled plastic chandeliers and decorative pieces. Performance art took place in the senior area with smaller groups and individuals but we also squeezed in the larger Boyz to Men group and the GCC String Ensemble.

It was just as well there were plenty of chairs in the Undercover Area because the performances were non-stop. Even when the program read “Coffee Break” it turned out to be an entertaining Drama performance. The actors, singers, instrumentalists and dancers wowed us all night long.

The Hospitality Courtyard had a more relaxed set up which made you feel you were at your local club listening to your favourite group. Small bands and duets reigned supreme and the quality of performances were top notch.

I am very proud of all of our students and the commitment of our staff. A lot of effort went into the night but involvement in the performing arts brings very tangible benefits long after the event is over. Congratulations.

Shine on the Arts photos

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Mike Curtis, Principal

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