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Pause and Ponder – Encouraging the runners in life

  • April 29, 2014

Today as I was at the school the cross country I was impressed with how many students were running and trying their best for their teams.

There were students with all levels of physical ability. Some who had trained for months for this very race and others who knew running wasn’t their strength but tried hard anyway.

What I noticed most however as I rode around with the runners was the lift they experienced as their friends, teachers, parents and team mates cheered them on. The change over most runners was instantaneous and powerful. Suddenly their heads would lift, their back would straighten and their legs would find new strength.
Through the encouragement heard from the sidelines, each runner ran their race with more strength, speed and passion than if they had run it alone.

I marvelled at how closely this resembles the Christian life.  The bible likens our lives to an athlete running a distance race. We are encouraged to train ourselves to run this race of life well, worthy of the award we have already received (eternal life with Christ Jesus).

But any race is hard on its own. Which is why encouragement is so vital if we are to finish the race well. What a blessing it is at this school that we have so many people who encourage one another in their walks of faith. What a blessing it is on the Sunshine Coast that we have so many godly Christian churches who can support our training and encourage us from the sidelines as we run.

Today. Make sure you go out of your way to encourage a fellow runner. Perhaps you will be the voice that lifts their head, straightens their backs and gives their legs new strength to run their race… And finish well.

Mick Spann, Youth Pastor GCBC

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