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Pause and Ponder – Adam and Eve

  • March 4, 2014

When Adam and Eve chose to listen to the devil in the garden of Eden and turned away from God, they let sin into the world. Now they and their children and their children’s children….. would have to live forever choosing who they would listen to – God or the devil?

So do we listen to God our creator who loves us and is the father of love and goodness and fairness or do we listen to the father of lies who lied to Adam and Eve to hurt God. The bible says in John 10:10 that the father of lies who is the devil seeks to steal kill and destroy. So his purpose is to make you really, really, really sad.

However, God comes to bring abundant life! And God actually tells us in the bible to choose life which means to listen to Father God because listening to the devil only brings pain and suffering and death.

God wants you to have freedom and abundant life through listening to Him and trusting him. If you are not listening to God and living life His way, you’re listening to the devil and living life his way! If we all listened to God, what a different world we would have.

So who do you want to trust and listen to today? The God of truth or the father of lies?

Chappy Michelle Britton


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