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Pause and Ponder

  • May 27, 2014


This week in Primary School Chapel we have been learning about Isaiah. Isaiah was a man who lived in a very unstable time over 2,000 years ago. He followed and loved God and sought to live for Him.

Isaiah was a prophet (a messenger from God). The hard thing was that Isaiah didn’t have a nice message from God, his message was that everyone needed to turn from their sinful ways and follow God. This made Isaiah very unpopular with the Israelites and they didn’t like him at all. However, in this tough time Isaiah chose to still speak God’s word regardless of the cost.

What an incredible challenge for us, are we willing to stand by what we believe in no matter the cost? Even if standing by what we believe might mean that we are hated by others. Isaiah recognised what was important, it wasn’t popularity it wasn’t riches. What is important is having a personal relationship with God. Having this relationship can help you get through anything that is thrown your way.  What an awesome reminder of what is important!

Chappy Danielle Bassett

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