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Pause and Ponder

  • March 19, 2014

This last fortnight I have been encouraging my teen bible study group on ways we can read the Bible effectively and get into a good routine of spending time with God. As a part of this I took up the challenge to start journaling my “quiet times” with God, recording what I’ve read in the scriptures, what the main points were and how it applies to my life.

Over the weekend I read Luke 15:1-32. In this passage Jesus tells two parables (stories) which I encourage you to read for yourself!

I was challenged by Jesus’ words in this passage because it reminded me how much time Jesus spent in His community, among the socially awkward, the thieves, drunks and other ‘disreputable’ people. He loved them just as assuredly as he loves everyone else.

It’s easy for us to stay in our Christian bubble. To talk with Christians, hang out with Christians and basically spend our entire lives within the safety net of people who are likeminded. Jesus example reminds us that His message of love, forgiveness and repentance isn’t just for those within our bubble. It’s for our entire community and our world. Stepping out of our safety bubble will be scary. But if we want to be true followers of Christ, do we have a choice?

Mick Spann, Youth Pastor (GCBC)

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