P and F News 9 August 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

P and F News 9 August 2013

  • August 7, 2013

Hi everyone,

A big thank you to the wonderful ladies who helped out with the athletics carnivals last week. Thanks to them, there were sausages and drinks aplenty for the hungry students! We will be holding a sausage sizzle for the P-3 carnival as well, but we will be arranging for them to be pre-ordered. Keep an eye out for the forms coming home this week.

FROM ME TO YOU NIGHT 11TH OCTOBER: Its my privilege to introduce you to Michelle Simpkins as our lady of the week for the Weekend to end Women’s cancer.


Hi, my name is Michelle Simpkins. I am proud mum to Toby in Prep White, and Jack in 1M. I am one of the six mums who have taken up the challenge of raising money for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer.

There are so many people that I know that have been faced with cancer, either by going through it themselves or caring for someone close to them. It truly is a horrible and it breaks my heart to see what these people go through. When I heard about the walk, I thought, WOW a chance to do something that will help in defeating this disease once and for all.

The walk is a 60km walk around Brisbane neighbourhoods over two days. The 60km walk will be in itself a challenge, but we are all in training and am confident that come October we will all be fit enough to pull it off…. fingers crossed.

I really like this charity because it seems to cover every aspect of care with people facing cancer. The money that goes to the RBWH will help all the patients that have cancer, by providing them better access to equipment and drugs, to combat the disease. Where the money that goes to QIMR will enable more research and better equipment, so the process of discovering cures and even prevention will be accomplished at a faster pace.

I went to the tour of the QIMR at the end of March, I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to know where their money is going. They are making so many breakthroughs in understanding cancer, it is really inspirational to know that the dream of the end of cancer is within sight.

So if seeing the end of cancer is one of your dreams, please come to the “From Me to You” night and know that your money spent on pampering yourself is going to a truly amazing cause.

STALL HOLDERS NEEDED! If you have a small business or know of someone who does and would like to book a stall for this event, please contact Jayne on hindsfam1@bigpond.com, or the P and F at pandf@glasshouse.qld.edu.au

Chocolates: Please sell the rest of your chocolates as soon as possible and bring in the chocolate money and left over chocolates to College Admin. This is a valuable fund raiser for the College but it won’t be successful unless the money and/or leftover chocolates are brought back to College. If you think you can sell another box, please come and collect one urgently. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Fathers’ Day Stall: Don’t forget the Fathers’ Day stall on Thursday 29 August. If you can help please email the P and F on pandf@glasshouse.qld.edu.au


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