P and F News 26 July 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

P and F News 26 July 2013

  • July 24, 2013
Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a fabulous holiday!  By now you will have received your chocolates.  Remember there are great prizes to be won for returning your money by the 1 August, as well as a HUGE Toblerone + more as the prize for the most number of chocolate boxes sold.  You can pick up more boxes from the office.WANTED:  Fathers’ day stall co-ordinator.  Bonnie has done an  AMAZING job over the last few years co-ordinating and running our Mother and Fathers’ Day stalls.  This year she is studying hard and would love a break from this job.  If you feel you could take on this role, please contact the P and F at pandf@glasshouse.qld.edu.au

SAVE THIS DATE!  October 11, 2013  FROM ME TO YOU Ladies Night!  In October the P and F are hosting a fundraiser night to raise money to help end Women’s cancers.  There are a group of six mums and former mums from our school taking part in a 60km walk and this event will help raise some much needed funds to go towards this cause.  Each newsletter I want to introduce you to one of the mums.  Today we meet Jayne Hinds!

“Hi my name is Jayne Hinds I am a proud mum of Oscar who is in grade one and Milla my 3.5years old daughter.

I have joined team “Making Strides” to complete the 60km walk to raise funds to help End Women’s Cancers on the weekend of 26th & 27th of October.
Our team is made up of 6 current and former mum’s from the school. Now all we need is your help! Our team goal is to raise $15,000 and we are well on our way so far we have raised over $13,000.What a challenge and commitment I have made for myself, the team and the cause. I am only walking, but as you know from family and friends around you that have been touched by this disease, the journey made by them is a lot harder.I  am proud to be a part of something that can and will make a difference.

As one in four women will be effected by a form of cancer, I can only hope that the funds and awareness raised by our team and the many others walking in October, will help find a cure or at least a prevention in the next decade.  Wouldn’t it be nice to look at our daughters, sisters and mothers and say women’s cancer has NOT touched us:”Here is a link to a newspaper story showing a photo of Jayne and her team mates

Please check out the flyer for more details about this awesome event.  We will have pamper stands, fashion and lots of yummy food and stalls where you can shop!   Just $15 per ticket.

Ladies Night Out
STALLHOLDERS NEEDED!  If you have a small business or know of someone who does and would like to book a stall for this event, please contact Jayne on hindsfam1@bigpond.com, or the P and F at pandf@glasshouse.qld.edu.au

Blessings, Alaina Westaway

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