P and F News 21 November 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

P and F News 21 November 2014

  • November 19, 2014

The Christmas Bells are ringing, and  it’s getting closer to that wonderful time of the year we celebrate with our family and friends.

With the Prep- Year 2 Christmas Carols on 1 December and the Year 3 -Year 6 Concert on 2 December, the Christmas Spirit will be well in swing.

The P and F will be running a BBQ on both nights selling burgers, sausages and kebabs. We will also be selling drinks, snacks and glow sticks. If you can spare some time to help, it would be gratefully appreciated.  Just click on the below link, and fill in the details.
Helping for Prep-Year 2 
Helping for Year 3-Year 6

With the school year drawing to a close, the P and F are winding up too. The last event the P and F are involved with is the carols night and concert night for the primary students.
Hope you all enjoy.

Lynelle Sim
P and F President

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