Oz Animal Olympics - Glasshouse Christian College

Oz Animal Olympics

  • August 21, 2013

There were some enthusiastic young Aussie creatures running around the GCCC grounds recently as the children competed in the Maths investigation-led activity, the Oz Animal Olympics. The children selected their teams, thought up their own cheering chants, designed and created their costumes, voted to select events and collected data after the games, such as graphing results of their favourite event.

In Prep White, the Cockatoos were the winning team, receiving gold in four of the seven events; however each competitor did a great job for their team. Other teams were Frogs, Kangaroos and Possums. Most children selected the Leapfrog Relay as their favourite event, with Cockatoo Swoop a popular second choice.

Frogs’ chant:

Froggies go!

Froggies go!

We jump the highest don’t you know?

Yo! Yo! Yo!

There was wonderful cooperation and creativity show. Well done!

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