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  • May 12, 2022


As Open Day approaches, it is with great pride that the Primary students and teachers will once again have the opportunity to open their classrooms and showcase the wonderful world of learning that takes place here at GCC.

With our smorgasbord approach to learning and growing in the Primary School, all children hear about God’s love for them, they grow in the important areas of literacy and numeracy and they have the opportunity to experience their world through a range of investigations and play based activities. As part of the wonderful opportunities available to the children, it is the hope of our hearts that all children will have the opportunity to attend a symphony concert, experience live theatre, enjoy the wonders of a science museum, be amazed by a visit to an art gallery and know about how their country is governed by visiting the Houses of Parliament. 

Bonding and team building, developing friendships and having fun together are also on the ‘opportunity’ agenda as all the children in Year 3 to 6 enjoy going away together on camp where learning about beach safety, survival and the unimaginable difficulties of being a soldier in the Second World War broadens their experiences and their world view.

The range of opportunities in the extracurricular program is unlimited! Developing strategic manoeuvres in chess and competing at a high level, mastering the waves in the surfing program, participating in a school musical or learning to play an instrument, the experiences available provide an opportunity for the children to try something different, to test, to learn, to develop skills, to discover new interests, to consider possibilities and to grow.

School excursions and incursions provide the opportunity for our children to be immersed in different experiences and through creating partnerships with experts in a range of fields we are able to provide the opportunity for the children to learn from professionals through internships or workshops on topics of interest like technology, conservation and art.

The opportunity to visit us on Open Day is just around the corner and we really do hope to see you! Come along and visit classes in the different year levels, pop into the performing arts area, take a look at what is on offer in the sporting program and enjoy a wonderful day of experiences.

Our desire for development as human beings never goes away and our commitment to maximising our children’s exposure to an amazing world of opportunity is of paramount importance and compelling.

Gail Mitchell  Head of Primary

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