Operation Pyjamas - DeLorean Project is run by the innovative Sunshine Coast private school, Glasshouse Christian College.

Operation Pyjamas

  • October 26, 2017

Operation Pyjamas

What is Operation Pyjamas you might ask? We are a group of Year 10 students who love giving back to the community and being as helpful as we can. Our names are Savannah, Shaelee and Sophie and this is our DeLorean Project.

Just imagine it’s night time and you are walking down the street. You stopped to look around and see a young child lying on the pavement as they have nothing to keep them warm. How would you feel knowing that you’re responsible for seeing a massive smile on their face?

If you love giving to the community and seeing people smile then you have a wonderful heart and we need your help to give homeless children pyjamas. We have a website that you can access at www.operationpyjamas.com where you can buy pyjamas or give money to support our project. We have also put boxes in your child’s classroom where they can donate their clean, old and new pyjamas which they have grown out of.

We would love to see everyone participate in giving back to the community and helping homeless children keep warm and comfortable.

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