One Small Step for Students One large Step for GCCC - Glasshouse Christian College

One Small Step for Students One large Step for GCCC

  • September 18, 2013

Senior Industrial technology students at GCCC have just launched into their new Engineering and Automotive Studies workshop facility.

This new technical building boasts some of the latest engineering equipment to be found in the industry.  It comprises state-of-the-art CNC Plasma, routing and laser cutting technologies, six welding/ plasma cutting bays, specialised metal shaping and bending equipment, as well as a vehicle hoist.

This new facility will provide a greater range of industrial experiences for students to design, engineer and fabricate innovative projects using metal, plastic and wood materials.

In addition to investigating the operation of small four-stroke engines and car engines, the vehicle hoist will allow students to better explore car maintenance and servicing.

Our Year 12 have been testing out the new welding bays and CNC equipment for their fabrication projects, while the Year 11 students look forward to using the full range of equipment  even more next year.

Brad Hampson, Head of Industrial Technology

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