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Nursery Rhyme Day

  • May 19, 2022

Nursery Rhyme Day

Well – what a fantastic bunch of Nursery Rhyme characters joined us for school today!  It was like they stepped out of a book!  The Preppies looked amazing!  Everywhere we walked throughout the school today they were greeted with “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs”, “They’re soooo cute!” and “I wish I was still in Prep!”

We started our day with a Nursery Rhyme Costume Parade for the parents and care-givers on the hill in the Prep Playground area. The children come back into their own classroom for a fruit snack and photos and saying their rhyme. Most did well talking about who they were and we said each rhyme together. The children also spent time moving to each Prep classroom for a craft or activity. 

Miss Finger (“The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow”) talked about Little Miss Muffett’s troubles with the spider and the class problem-solved what she could do and decided to make traps for the spider. Mrs Lindsay (of “I’m a Little Tea Pot” fame) did a drawing activity for Humpty Dumpty (which we will colour tomorrow) and then the class acted out the story of Humpty Dumpty. In Prep Maroon, “The Little Old Lady Who Lives in a Shoe” helped the children make a little paper sheep, which we will send home at the end of the year with other special memories. There were also “Three Blind (and very hilarious) Mice” who were exceptionally helpful to everyone as well. 

…AND the rain held off! Yay!!

Thank you to all, especially the hard workers from the many “At-Home-Wardrobe-Department”, who made this day very special and memorable to our Preppies. 

Heather Dodwell, Prep Team Leader

GCC Families can see all the photos in the albums below:

Prep Maroon Nursery Rhyme Day
Prep White Nursery Rhyme Day
Prep Nursery Rhyme Day

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