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Nine ways our Gateway App will save you time

  • May 27, 2020

Nine ways our Gateway App will save you time

Most of you will be familiar with our Learning Management System (LMS), Gateway, so I have some good news for you. We are close to rolling out our Gateway App so you can access all the information you need on your mobile phone.

The Gateway App is completely free and will be downloadable from Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple Store for iPhones very soon. We will send you the download instructions as soon as the app is ready.

Increasingly, most of us access information from our phones rather than laptops, desktops, or other devices. The Gateway App will revolutionise how you access and send information to GCC. Here are just nine ways our Gateway App will save you time.

1.   Push notifications. Instead of wading through your emails, you will receive a push notification from the app to your phone with information relating to your child or children. If you need to refer to the notification, it will be stored on the app for you to refer to at any time. You can set up your preferences to change what notifications you see and those you no longer wish to receive. This means you won’t be overwhelmed with updates that aren’t relevant to you.

2.   Absentee reporting. Instead of phoning the absentee line and leaving a message or emailing, the absentee app allows you to report your child’s absences by tapping a couple of buttons. In most instances, there is no actual typing needed, just selecting which child is absent from a checkbox and whether it is a one-day situation or longer.

3.   Calendar. The calendar on the app is tailored so you only see events relevant for your children. One tap and you can see everything you need to help you plan ahead and keep your children’s school schedule in one place.

4.   My Students allows you to quickly access information about your children’s learning, upcoming assignments and other information related to their educational journey.

5.   Call Us provides the option to ring directly from the app.

6.   Newsletter will take you directly to the most recent GCC newsletter, The Eagle. The newsletter provides the opportunity to learn about what is happening in the wider College campus.

7.   My Groups will take you to all the groups your children are involved in e.g. Music, Sport, etc. This will be a facility that you will become increasingly familiar with over the course of this year. 

8.   Links are shortcuts to pages like the Library, Flexischools, Pastors’ Hub and bookings for parent/teacher interviews, etc.

All the details on how to access the app and use it to your fullest advantage will be sent out as soon as it is ready.

As a parent, I’m excited about the Gateway App. Time is one of our most precious resources and this app will save us parents many hours over the course of each year.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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