New venue for Primary Christmas concerts - Glasshouse Christian College

New venue for Primary Christmas concerts

  • December 6, 2018

New venue for Primary Christmas concerts

With ominous weather predictions for Primary concerts over the last few years it was wonderful peace of mind knowing that our venue would be undercover this year. We enjoyed perfect weather Monday night but when the storms raged on Tuesday, we were very thankful for our undercover venue in our new Sports Centre. This is the first year we have needed to be undercover due to weather and the first year we have been able to have a dry venue for such a large event. God is good.

Monday night was the Prep to Year 2 Christmas Concert and at that age they really only have to stand on stage and look cute however, they did far more than that. The students danced and sang their hearts out, taking us on a journey of how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Tuesday night the heavens opened but fortunately the lightning had moved on before the concert began. The Year 3 to 6 Christmas Concert was all about the star. The songs focussed on the star pointing to Jesus and we were introduced to Super Star, Rock Star, Lucky Star, North Star, Shooting Star and poor old Fallen Star who wove the story together.

These two nights were also the opportunity for the children and families to say farewell to Cheryl Bryers before her impending retirement. Both farewells were incredibly touching but when the whole crowd erupted into a spontaneous standing ovation on Tuesday night, there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen.

Year 6 Graduation

Another moving farewell was at Wednesday’s Year 6 graduation. Students sang a special song while Madeline and Joanna danced beautifully on the stage. This was followed by the presentation of a plaque and stunning olive tree.

The Year 6 graduation service this year included the presentation of a graduation Bible and certificate to the students, special awards, musical items, special thanks to current captains and the announcement of new captains for 2019.

I would like to congratulate Charles Atkinson and Aimee Cullen on becoming the 2019 Primary Captains; Ellie Nynehoff on becoming the Performing Arts Captain; Uyapo Kombanie and Abi Sidey on becoming the Faith Captains. Congratulations also to our new Primary Sporting House Captains who are: Ararat – Archer Palmer and Isabella Morgan, Sinai – Nicholas Blinston and Jesse Drews, Zion – Noah Cobb and Chloe Turnbull.

Staff changes in 2018

We have very low staff turnover for a College our size but as we grow larger, the percentage may stay the same but the numbers increase.

This year we are saying farewell to a few staff and very soon will be welcoming new staff into 2019.

We are farewelling Leath Ramsay, Amy Handy, Kristen Vipond, Rhiannan Vreeling and, of course, Cheryl Bryers. These ladies have been a wonderful asset to the College so I want to thank them for their service and hope you will join with me in wishing them God’s richest blessings in their future.

We have secured replacements for all these positions and I look forward to introducing you to our new staff in 2019.

Finally – Happy Christmas

It’s been a wonderful year and I am very thankful for and proud of what we have accomplished as a College over the last 11 months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being on this journey with us, entrusting your children to us and making GCC the G.R.E.A.T. community it is.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ and continue to pray that everything we do glorifies His name.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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