Mothers Day Chapel - Glasshouse Christian College

Mothers Day Chapel

  • May 13, 2014

Last Wednesday at 12.15pm, nine confident Year 2 students waited at the shimmering church doorway to greet all the lovely mums and special visitors to our P-2 Mother’s Day Chapel. All of the Preps, Year 1 and Year 2 students had handmade a beautiful feather and satin ribbon decoration to bless the mums as they arrived (or take home if there mum’s couldn’t make it.).


Each visitor got a raffle ticket and, instead of in true Chassembly style  – the children sitting on the edge of their seats hoping they would be pulled out of the draw, it was the visitors! Hope you enjoyed the prizes!


The children presented a medley of singing, artwork and reading their own thoughts on how special their mums and grandmas are to them. They were encouraged by Chappy Dani to listen to the special people that God gives all of us to take care of us and to let the ones who love and care for us know how much we love them.


It is such a blessing to be able to help families in the huge task of raising their children and a privilege to be there as the little ones so freely and without any inhibitions let their love ones know what they mean to them. We are truly thankful for all your efforts with your beautiful children and really want to encourage you and say ‘you are doing a great job ladies!

Lesley-ann Rosenberg

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