More success for Riley Williamson - Glasshouse Christian College

More success for Riley Williamson

  • June 5, 2013

Recently you heard from me about Riley’s ‘runner-up’ position at the Sunshine Coast heat of the Rostrum Voice of Youth competition.  Late Wednesday we were notified that the winner of the heat had withdrawn and Riley was asked to step into the vacated spot at the South-East Queensland Final which was held this Saturday at Moreton Bay College.With two days notice, Riley was a bit nervous about competing but with some encouragement about the benefits of the experience, he decided he would give it a ‘go’.  Riley presented his prepared eight minute speech on ‘Good Government’ and then an impromptu speech on ‘Service with a Smile’.  Rob Maguire attended in my place, due to a prior commitment of mine, and he texted me to say that Riley ‘aced it’! [Many thanks Rob!]

Three students were selected from this final to go to the State Final to be held on Saturday June 29 at the Parliamentary Annexe in Brisbane.  Riley was one of them!   Riley was both excited over the ‘win’ and eager to work on the feedback provided by the adjudicators in preparation for the State Final.  I told him that I was so proud of his efforts that I was ‘fit to bursting’ as my Mum would have said.

Riley competed again in the Maleny heat of the QUOTA Student of the Year competition Tuesday night of 4 June.  He spoke brilliantly in both the prepared and impromptu speeches.  The majority of the competition was determined by an interview that he attended on Sunday.  Although he did not win the overall, he was by far the most impressive speaker last night – literally in a class above them. 

Nonetheless, Riley represented our College in the best of lights.  I was watching the President of the Quota club as Riley was delivering his prepared speech and the other organising Quotarians – they were literally in amazement.  Shame they were not the judges!

Next up the State Final of the Rostrum Voice of Youth on 29 June.

Jo Winlaw, Head of Humanities

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