More District Trials coming up - Glasshouse Christian College

More District Trials coming up

  • April 29, 2015

There are more opportunities for 10 – 12 year old students to trial for Glasshouse District Primary Teams this term. Trials for Touch Football, Tennis, Rugby Union and Boys Softball will all be held in the coming weeks. Students who play these sports or would like to go to the trial need to collect information from the PE Office, class teacher or from the GCCC website. Students need to know how to play before going along to these trials. All trials (except tennis) are after school and teams will train to be ready to compete in the Sunshine Coast Trials in the various sports.

Dates for trials are as follows:

Touch Football – Monday May 8 and Friday May 8 – Beerwah State School

Tennis – Wednesday May 20 (all day)  – Landsborough Tennis Courts

Rugby Union – Wednesday and Thursday 3 and 4 June – Maleny State School

Boys Softball – Mon and Tuesday 1 and 2 June – Elimbah State School

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