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Ministry opportunity for Senior students

  • May 6, 2021

Ministry opportunity for Senior students

Apart from being a whole lot of fun, ministry trips help students step out in faith as they minister to others and grow in character through serving others.  

Thanks to Covid our ministry trips to Fiji seem to be a thing of the past at least for now. However, this year we are really excited to offer our students an alternate destination in the town of 1770.    

We will be partnering with the local church and a school in the area to run programs for young people and families. We will serve the community with breakfasts for the homeless and support and encourage the church people as we work alongside them.

Despite being a beautiful seaside town, 1770 is a place with many needs. Many of their locals have relocated to the town in order to escape something.  There are many adults who have fled domestic violence situations and a large number of children who have been placed in foster care there.  The unemployment rate is high and drugs and alcohol are a big problem.  

Being quite a remote town the residents of 1770 have to drive an hour and a half to find things like Woolworths, McDonald’s and Cinemas, this means the main sources of entertainment are the pub, the beaches and the ministries run through the local church.  

In order to fund its ministries, the church operates an op shop 6 days a week that’s run entirely by volunteers and despite not even having an oval to play on, the children’s and youth ministries host more than 50 young people each. That’s quite a large number for such a small town.  The workers in 1770 are few and would greatly appreciate our support and encouragement.

The trip is planned for 12 – 18 July this year (the last week of the June/July school holidays) and is for Senior students in Years 10,11 & 12.  The cost is $500 and the completed application form and a deposit of $125 needs to be paid to the office by 15 May in order to secure a spot on this trip. 

The application form can be found on the pastors gateway page and we are happy to chat with you if you have any questions.

Pastor Donna

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