Middle School Term 1 Sports Report - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School Term 1 Sports Report

  • April 29, 2015

The Friday Middle School Sport program has consisted of a wide range of diverse sports and activities throughout Term 1.

Games across such sporting pursuits as softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and futsal have been tightly contested ensuring a fairly even competition. Participating schools throughout the term were Glasshouse Christian College, Suncoast Christian College, Caloundra Christian College, Caloundra City Private. GCC have also taken part in practice matches with Pacific Lutheran College.

Points acquired by schools have been based on the number of games won, and it was Glasshouse Christian College and Suncoast Christian College that finished on top of the ladder.

Overall Term 1 Results

1st Suncoast Christian College
2nd Glasshouse Christian College
3rd Caloundra City Private
4th Caloundra Christian College

The finals were extremely close across the board. GCC won softball very easily and volleyball was close with SCC and GCC winning two games each. SCC gained the ascendency at futsal winning two games to one and again pulled ahead of GCC by winning the majority of the ultimate frisbee games.

Competitive competition aside GCC students also had the opportunity to take part in such recreational activities as cable water skiing, stand up paddle boarding and swim squad.

We look forward now to Friday Sport in Term 2. Students have had the opportunity to nominate their preferences and will be placed in one of netball, T10 cricket, oztag, basketball, mountain biking, golf, athletic and cross country club and indoor rock climbing.

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