Middle School News 26 April 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 26 April 2013

  • April 25, 2013

Middle School News 26 April 2013

Welcome to Term 2 in Middle School at Glasshouse.
This term we are focussing on Excellence from our GREAT values. My younger brother, (by only one year) constantly beat me in school grades due to his natural academic ability. He would regularly ask me, ‘What did you get for this last year, Jacq?’ Once I told him, he would happily tell me his mark which was generally better then mine. It would have been a little easier to take if he had actually studied or put some effort into the assessment! Generally though, he would study in the bus on the way to school on the day of the test, if that!

At this week’s past assembly, we recognised our students who had put significant effort into more than six of their subjects by giving them an award. They may not have received a ‘Very Good’ for Achievement, but their teachers have noticed that they had consistently worked hard in their subject. This exemplifies what it means to be excellent!

MS Notes and Reminders
Year 8s and 9s have moved locker locations. If your child has lost their books or they have been damaged by the rain, please ask your child to let the Secondary Admin know on secondary.admin@glasshouse.qld.edu.au – it needs to be reported NOW, otherwise your family may be charged for damaged/lost books at the end of the year.

If books have come home a bit mouldy, try spraying them with Glen 20, it works wonders for the mould and smells.If you missed a Parent teacher conference and would still like to see a teacher, please email the teacher and see if you can still catch up with him or her perhaps after school one day. Teacher email addresses are on the GCCC website under Contact Us, Contact Teachers.

GREAT Merit system – if you receive a small award note – we are recognising your child for behaviour above and beyond and the note means that three merits have already been received. Give your child a pat on the back, we are impressed by them. Send them back to the school with the signed note and they will get a small reward from us here.

Broken and lost iPads.
 It is very important that students treat these with respect and an understanding that they are important and expensive devices. Please check with them that they have ‘find my iPad’ ON. If an iPad is lost we will endeavour to do what we can to find it, however the cost of replacing it falls on the family. Likewise, if an iPad is broken and this is due to the accidental or poor use of the iPad, it will incur a $100.00 fee to fix it.  The iPad will not be fixed until this amount has been paid to the school. Families will be notified regarding this by a letter home (formal) and also a phone call. If it fails to work due to a system error – this will be fixed under warranty.

– this is our diary system – it is the generic calendar on all iPads. We expect students to load up their timetables on to this calendar and to use this for noting details about their homework. It is important we consistently use the same system for all students. Like all apps, it takes a little time to familiarise yourself on how to use it. It has important advantages for our school as it links in with our email system. All students have the same system which makes it simple to quickly check when teachers ask students to add a homework reminder etc. All students MUST have this loaded up with timetables and will be checked for this by the end of this week.

Messaging and chat systems
. A few newsletters back we gave you instructions on how to restrict messaging. We are on occasion having problems with this at school. Please consider disabling this on your child’s iPad.

We are now in the winter terms for this year. In Term 2 and 3, the main uniform difference is for our boys. They need to wear a tie, black belt and have their shirts tucked in. For all – jumpers MUST be school uniform issue. Students receive a demerit for incorrect uniform.

Three demerits in a week equals an after school detention. Over a term, consistently doing the wrong thing over several weeks can also attract an after school detention at the discretion of the Year Level Coordinator

Fantastic efforts from our students on the Legacy Cup Clean up. I was so impressed with the attitude and gusto put in to the clean up morning.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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