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Middle School News 21 June 2013

  • June 19, 2013

Middle School News 21 June 2013

Carpe Diem. There is no moment like the present. Seize the day. This is certainly true of the way our Middle school students live some of their lives and I love that energy. That is the model of excellence that is a part of our school’s GREAT values.

These last two weeks are no exceptions to this motto. We have had students:

* Participating in the Destiny Rescue, ‘Make a Stand’ and fundraising for children who are being rescued from slavery.

* Competing in the Sunshine Coast regional Reader’s Cup challenge.

* Playing Rugby against Beerwah High.

* Diligently plugging away at completing their assessments and studying for tests. I have been very impressed with how hard most of our students have worked to meet the assessment deadlines and do their personal best. It has been encouraging to walk around our school and see the calibre of work and activities happening in our classrooms.

* Our Year 9s are doing Community Service at several places in the local area and further afield.

* Our Year 8s are fundraising for one of their fellow students who has been hand-selected to enter into a competition in America.

* And, I have been so impressed with some of our Year 7s presenting thought-provoking and insightful devotions to their whole cohort at their Year Level Meets.


Teachers are presently writing these, which you will receive in the mail at the end of the three-week break.

Student Led Parent Conference

In week four of next term, your child will be leading a conference in the presence of their PC teacher and parents or guardians. This will be your child’s opportunity to share their learning so far this year with you. All students will need to lead one of these conferences, so we ask you to use the online booking sheet to book one conference with your PC teacher for this to occur. If you wish to also book a traditional conference with any other teacher please use this same booking sheet to organise this. The student-led conference will run for 10 minutes, just like the other traditional conferences. If your child’s PC teacher is a teacher you would have booked with – please use the student-led conference time to discuss matters with this teacher related specifically to the subject they teach to your child. If you would like to have a better insight into this format of the conference, this link may prove helpful.

I pray you will have a great ‘break from the routine of school’ holiday time with your children over the next three weeks.

Jacqualina Vreeling,
Head of Middle School

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