Middle School News 19 February 2016 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 19 February 2016

  • February 17, 2016

Middle School News 19 February 2016

Welcome to all our new students and their families to Middle School at Glasshouse for 2016. So much has already happened in the past 4 weeks along with the real business of lessons, homework and assignments. Some of these are

  • Year 7 Orientation Day
  • Year 8 Camp
  • Year 7 and 9 Launchpads
  • Parent Information Nights – please refer to the powerpoint on the website from the Year 7 and 8 evening if you wish to go back to anything covered or if you were unable to attend.
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Middle School Leader’s Induction assembly

Interestingly, when it comes to success and doing well academically, it’s the camps, goal-setting days and student’s extra-curricular involvement in sport, music, and other activities that develop the grit and perseverance that are the one important common denominator to academic success and high grades. So how do you help or assist your child to build this? Research in this area has found

  • It is more important to focus on how hard a student has worked rather than their natural innate abilities. Congratulate your child for their effort when they have done well.
  • Help your child to understand that their brain and their intelligence is capable of growing and changing depending on how they use and apply themselves.
  • Use inspirational stories of your own or others (such as entrepreneurs, explorers etc) demonstrating where they kept going even through the tough times to achieve great success
  • Allowing failure can be helpful – there’s no such thing as a mistake if you learn from it. A mistake with safe consequences can be a great way to learn.
  • Taking small steps in learning helps them cope and feel achieved rather than overwhelmed when they see the larger task or a more complex problem.
  • Give your child new responsibilities as they get older. This will develop your child’s confidence in themselves. I remember reading of a parent who entrusted their teenage son to bring in their larger boat into safe harbour (with choppy weather!)
  • This TED talk clip and this article have some further insights on this topic.

Adjustment to Homework guidelines and suggested allocations for each subject.

Previously the Parent handbook Homework Table has had an equal time allocation for Maths and Humanities. However, Humanities at Glasshouse is a combination of three Core subjects, (English, History and Geography). Therefore please note the adjusted recommended table:

Homework Allocation Guideline 70 minutes/day 80 minutes/day 90 minutes/day
Maths 30 min x 2/week 35 min x 2/week 40 min x 3/week
Science 30 min x 2/week 30 min x 2/week 40 min x 2/week
English/Humanities 30 min x 5/week 30 min x 5/week 40 min x 4/week
French 20 min x 2/week 30 min x 2/week 60 min/week
Electives Christian St., HPE 50 min/week 50 – 60  min/week 70 min/week

Please also remember that we are encouraging students to read for 20 minutes/night. However, around assessment time, if students have spent considerable time on assignments or study, students can choose to have a break from this and I would encourage parents to monitor this. Also, please encourage your child to email their teachers regarding homework/assessment queries.

A few reminders for Middle School Students

  1. Road crossing – pedestrians are reminded to use the crossings at all times
  2. Homework Club – Thursday 3.00 – 4.00pm. This is a great service for students who may want some additional help with homework or assignments. Note: the library is open every afternoon until 4.00pm for quiet study work
  3. Computer use while at school must only be school-related. There is to be no access to non-school related websites or games. At home, use of the computer is at the parent’s discretion.
  4. Contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher for general concerns. Remember that staff will respond during work time and to please allow them 2 days for a response.

Up and coming dates for your calendar

  • Next Thursday – PHOTOS Students are to wear full formal uniform on this day. (Boys need belt and tie)
  • Week 6 Monday 29 Feb – Elevate Study Skills Workshop for Year 7 and 8. Parent Info Evening 6.00 – 7.30pm in the College Theatre
  • Week 6 Tuesday – Legacy Cup Clean up Australia Day event in first session of the day – students MUST wear their House shirts.
  • Week 8, Tuesday 15 March, 6.00pm: Year 7 Canberra Camp Info evening in the Theatre.

Other noteworthy items

  • We are now moving into the assessment time, please remind your child to email their teachers directly if they need an extension for an assessment deadline. (The forms can be found on Connect.)
  • Assessment Calendars can be found on the Connect site that your child has access to, or the College website. Ask them to print out a copy for the fridge or their study area.
  • Reading focus this year – all Middle School students should be reading 20 minutes/weeknight.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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